Laser Welding

Today, DSI Laser is established as the laser welding specialist.

State-of-the-art technology allows us to weld, repair and modify parts in steel, cast iron, aluminium and titanium without mechanical deformation or heat-affected zones.

Our laser welding process (PULSED YAG) generates pulsations with greater or lesser frequency and a very short impact time, calculated in milliseconds so as not to alter the material. The heat-affected zone is close to zero and deformation is very low or non-existent on parts of minimal thickness (0.5mm), all the while maintaining high mechanical resistance.

The weld bead is very smooth (thin according to Ø 0.2 at 3mm requirements) and without oxidation thanks to effective control of the process with consistent manufacturing quality.

Our welding requires little machine and/or manual re-working since we only weld what is necessary to repair/modify the zone.

Our experienced and qualified engineer team guarantee quality services delivered to deadlines on site or in our workshop.

In the current market, where raw materials are becoming more and more expensive, laser welding for both cladding and assembly is an innovative solution with fast implementation.

Our welding applications:

  • Electronics

  • Medical

  • Sheet Metal Working

  • Art and Jewellery

  • Our cladding applications:

  • Precision Engineering

  • Injection Moulds, Decompression, Production Chains and Forming

  • Stamping, Bending and Cutting Tools

  • Repair of Automotive Parts.


We offer complementary laser marking of your products in our services.