To ensure we provide our clients with an increasingly more optimal service, today we guarantee a large number of complementary services:


Déplacement sur siteWORKING ON SITE:

Our services are carried out at our site in Châtellerault (Nouvelle-Aquitaine), but we also work at client locations.
Throughout your project, this allows for:

  • A gain in time
  • Work on special/heavy… parts
  • Work on production lines.







Vente de lasers


Laser sales:

Do not hesitate to contact us during a buying decision related to laser material; we use our network to find a material suited to your needs.







Vente fils


Welding wire sales

DSI Laser Service® introduced a catalogue of welding wires for multiple applications according to your desired results.

Tell us your requirements and we will advise you on the best kind of wire to use.






Formation et maintenance


Training and maintenance

Our experts provide training sessions for your applications. After-care for your equipment is also offered under maintenance.








Marquage laser


Laser marking

We provide laser marking expertise: We can meet all your demands in a number of sectors and are able to carry out high definition marking on materials such as plastic and metal, and on flat and curved surfaces.

DSI Laser guarantees accurate, professional and high-quality workmanship.







Bureau études



DSI Laser introduced an engineering consultancy service for the creation, design and production of your projects.











We carry out your projects with certificates of compliance and a complete quality dossier, guaranteeing the traceability of each stage of your project.